We will recommend to friends


"We really enjoyed the trip. Steinar was great. Deep (local) knowledge of the Island. We were very impressed and satisfied with him and the services in general. We will recommend him to our friends".

Ulisses Sabará


August 2015, Trip with private driver-guide │ Ice Tourism Guide: Steinar Þorisson

Remembrance of the beautiful journey we will never forget


"Thank you very much for the photographs, another memory to add to the beautiful memories of such an exceptional country like Iceland. I liked the trip very much in all aspects, of course, the unforgettable landscapes have the best role, but it was very pleasant all the way, the hotel, the friendliness of the people, the simple way of living and the distant horizon always calling for us. I personally want to thank you for your attention to me because it helped have a good time. I congratulate you on your professionalism as a guide and on your knowledge and culture so well rooted that you showed us Iceland in its various aspects".

Teresa Santos Silva


"I loved the trip and Ivo's explanations, when I talk about my trip, friends ask if it was a field trip...".

Maria de Fátima Contreiras


"Thank you very much for sending the photos, a souvenir of the beautiful trip we made to Iceland that we will never forget".

Joaquim Castilho


June 2015, Pinto Lopes Viagens Group



June 2015, OASIS Travel Group

The Light and its absence. The nature. The Aurora Borealis


"The cosy cold. The serenity. The light and its absence. Nature. The aurora borealis. Everything was unique!"

Frederic Lima


February 2015, Trip with private driver-guide, MAESTRO Operadora Brasil




"Missing the cold of Iceland. Thanks for the photos of the trip, sympathy and professionalism. I intend to return in a lighter, greener temperature".

Sylvia Costa


January 2015, Trip with private driver-guide, Islândia-Brasil Operadora

The trip to Iceland lived up to our expectations


"Good morning! Everything was fine on our arrival here in Brazil. The trip to Iceland met our expectations very well, and this was largely due to your impeccable work and dedication. Thank you very much! A fraternal hug!"

Munira and Gilson Sizanosky


August 2014, Trip with private driver-guide

The only problem is the desire to return


"Thank you very much for sending the group and Geyser photos, because I wouldn't be able to take any nice pictures. Thanks for all the support during the trip too, which was fantastic! The country is fabulously beautiful and your help as a guide was perfect. The only problem was the desire to return there and see how much there was left to see".

Adelaide Ruão


June 2014, Pinto Lopes Viagens Group

I can not get enough of seeing the photos


"Just to say that the returning home went well, the flights were punctual and calm. I thank you, once again, for all the great support, dedication and professionalism... The pictures are beautiful! And I can't get enough of looking at the photos, as well as the book from Iceland I bought! It was a great addition to discover Iceland led by Ice Tourism. A hug, and once again, thank you very much (I don't dare to write in Icelandic...)”

Paula Peres


August 2013, Discovering Iceland Group FD4

Wonderful tour of Iceland


"Just to register it once again, our thanks for the gentlemanly and professional way in which you conducted this wonderful tour of Iceland. A big HUG from BRAZIL from ALL OF US!"

Iran, Katia and Giulia


July 2013, Trip with private driver-guide

We will remember the beauty and strength of nature so present in Iceland


"The trip was sensational, we will certainly not forget it, and we will remember the beauty and strength of nature so present in Iceland and in the faraway places it showed us. We couldn't help but thank you for your professionalism, persistence and friendliness. We hope to come back for a more familiar programme in the snowy weather and, if it is available, we will contact you".

Greetings from the Marques family


"Sorry it took me so long to thank you and write, but I wanted to send you some pictures of me and Carmem in Greenland and I hadn't had time to sort them out. Thanks for everything. Your help was essential for our trip being so good. We already want to come back!".

Ana Maria Domingues de Oliveira


NOTE: client Ana Maria Domingues has a travel blog - "De Uns Tempos pra cá", where she describes in detail (daily), all the impressions and adventures of the trip to Iceland and Greenland, organised by Ice Tourism │ Trans-Atlantic. Here are the links, because we find it very interesting, in case someone wants to travel to these destinations:




Summer 2013, Pinto Lopes Viagens Group

Iceland is an illustrated postcard


"I loved the trip, I liked everything, spectacular. Someday I'll pay it another visit. Iceland is an illustrated postcard."

Fátima Lima


August 2012, Pinto Lopes Viagens Group

Unique and unreal that only being in the place one perceives the true dimension


"Our trip was truly spectacular and it's still hard for us to choose the exact words to describe what we saw... What happened was that our expectations were largely exceeded, largely because Iceland has landscapes far superior to any photograph... it's really something unique and unreal and you only perceive its true dimension and surroundings when you're on site. We have already made some trips of this kind, but this time we were surprised with the details of the organisation, both in terms of the programme, the quality of the documentation provided and the attention/concern we felt throughout the trip. We have a web page (www.nosnaislandia.site.vu) that works as a virtual album... of our trip. Once again thank you for having contributed to making a dream trip come true with your dedication and support!"

João Pinto and Lina Macedo


Summer 2010, Trip in Self&Drive system