Wonderful days!


"Missing these wonderful days we spent in Iceland, I reiterate my gratitude for the great benefit it has provided me.”

Rui Beja andAdélia Beja


“Ivo, allow me to thank you for the wonderful week you spent with us! All the information you have given us, which reveals all your knowledge of the country and its history! Besides that and not less important, all his sympathy, availability and companionship were decisive for our well-being and so we could enjoy the beauty of a unique journey!”

António Azevedo Silva


From June29 to July 6, Magic Iceland group, Pinto Lopes Viagens

Dazzling scenery!


"The Iceland circuit was admirable! For the breathtaking landscape, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes simply beautiful. Sometimes desolating for not allowing life, sometimes surprising for allowing an exuberance of it. Always with the 4 elements present: water in its different forms (including rain), soil of almost every color, clean air (and the cold wind that freezes us) and the fire that we didn't see (fortunately), but as you told us, you feel and see in its grandiose form of manifestation".

Maria Jesus and Fernando


"It is a privilege for any traveler to have a guide who is always attentive, available, willing and knowledgeable.”

Eduarda Marques


“This was a trip that will remain forever in memory. The group was really great, but we were very well accompanied by You. We were very pleased when we found out that Ivo was our guide, and that will happen more often. Thank you very much and see you soon.”

Ana Cristina Pereira


“The return was great and the trip through Iceland was wonderful in every way: - A fantastic guide, who was concerned with conveying the culture of the Icelandic people and their customs, as well as lightening the daily journey, telling stories and fables - Fantastic, diverselandscapes - Good hotel stay - Good food I hope to return to Iceland one day, in another time to observe the Auroras Borealis, maybe we will meet again!"

Francisca Silva


From June 17 to June 25, Oasis Travel group

"The fish can also sing"


“Regarding the trip, it exceeded all my expectations."

Piedade Raposo


- I just saw my lexicon enlarged: I didn't know there was an equivalent to 'lahar' (a Javanese term for the movement of water/ice+volcanic material resulting from eruptions in a glacial environment) in Icelandic! Jökulhlaup, much easier to pronounce, no doubt! Living and learning; - Ólafur Arnolds: put everything in a bag and draw lots, only pearls come out! It never fails; - Laughter of the day to the sound of LjótuHalfvirtarnir. Highest density of musical instruments per monitor area and in a boat! See you again in one of these winters!

Alexandra Coelho


"With such beautiful scenery, any photographer is good, right? For me, it was a surprise and an enormous pleasure to finally go there, and to be in such good company - to access their knowledge of reality, especially with the emotion with which it was transmitted to us! These are days I will never forget - I was really looking for Beauty, Silence and Peace. The group, although large, was nice - it was very nice to share those days with everyone. But everything was favorable to us: the weather, their availability and that of the driver. The settings chosen for the accommodation. I brought today from the public library the book "Fish can also sing", by Halldór Laxness; "Independent people" was not available - next time. During the next few days I'll still be walking around Iceland a lot, because I didn't write down everything I wanted and I have to do it while the memory is fresh. Kisses."

Aurora Antunes


FromJune 8 toJune 15, grupo Pinto Lopes Viagens

Expectations exceeded!


"My expectations of Iceland have been far exceeded. I am fascinated with the country!"

Alexandra Ganhão


"Congratulations for the way you have always dealt with everyone and guided the whole trip, which without your general culture and good mood, would not have been so wonderful. Thank you for preventing me from falling so many times! ...."

Maria Lucília Ribeiro


Discovering Iceland group FD3, June, with clientes from Portugal,Spainand Brazil

Expectations exceeded!


"Thanks for the photos and videos...We had a great trip. We arrived here with the air more impure, and the t-shirts made a lot of success! We cheered for Iceland in the games...pity the short participation. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!"

Cecilia Kurowa


Discovering IcelandMini-Group FD1, May, with clients from Portugal and Brazil

Iceland is charming and enthralling


“It was an incredible trip. So many new experiences! It will stay in our memories forever. Thank you”

Mirna Midori


“You showed us how Iceland is endearing and exciting!!! Thank you for the beautiful photos, too!!! Cheers. We already miss Iceland”

Lucia Kuboki


From 3 to 9 February, Discovering Iceland and Aurora Borealis Group, Raidho Viagens Brasil

The visit to Iceland makes us think


“For me travelling in Iceland had a charm and experience I can never forget. Ivo is an outstanding guide and although there were some clouds I saw a show of nature I can never forget (the aurora borealis). And the visit to Iceland makes you think.”

Otilia Seita



“Nice group that has formed in this country of traditions and magic!”

Maria Luísa


From 29 September to 6 October 2018, Discovering the Aurora Borealis Group, Around Portugal Agency

Full, while remembering the beautiful landscapes


“We are all full in our hearts and souls, remembering the beautiful scenery... Thank you so much for everything!”

Carla Patrício


From 29 September to 6 October 2018, Discovering the Aurora Borealis Group, Around Portugal Agency

The Journey has done me good to the soul


"I listened to Ólafur Arnalds’ music and I liked it very much. It'll be part of my CDs to listen to. I bought "Independent People". As I told you, the trip to Iceland was very good for my “soul”. It was a very good surprise; the good moments I lived there will stay in my memory. Thank you for the empathy you created and for the organisation of the trip which was perfect".

Rosalina Rodrigues


From 28 July to 4 August 2018, Magical Iceland Group, Pinto Lopes Viagens

Unforgettable week in Iceland


"We arrived in Faro but, despite being tired, with the heart and senses full of the magnificent and dazzling experiences of this unforgettable week in Iceland. Thank you very much for the additional memories you were kind enough to send us. My blessings!".

Natália Belchior


"Ivone and I thank and praise the form and content with which you accompanied this unforgettable trip to Iceland. Unforgettable trip for the natural beauty that we enjoyed but also for the warm and friendly atmosphere that was created among everyone, namely with Ivo and Gustav. His interest in having a contact with the Geology Service of the Faculty of Sciences of Porto will not be forgotten".

José and Ivone da Silva Ferreira


"It was indeed an unforgettable and enriching experience in every respect. Thank you for being part of that experience and my regards to Gustav. I hope you continue to breathe in nature! I still feel it and breathe it! Iceland is, in fact, unique!"

Sofia Correia


From 19 to 29 May 2018, Magical Iceland Group com Fiordes do Oeste, Pinto Lopes Viagens