Dazzling scenery!


"The Iceland circuit was admirable! For the breathtaking landscape, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes simply beautiful. Sometimes desolating for not allowing life, sometimes surprising for allowing an exuberance of it. Always with the 4 elements present: water in its different forms (including rain), soil of almost every color, clean air (and the cold wind that freezes us) and the fire that we didn't see (fortunately), but as you told us, you feel and see in its grandiose form of manifestation".

Maria Jesus and Fernando


"It is a privilege for any traveler to have a guide who is always attentive, available, willing and knowledgeable.”

Eduarda Marques


“This was a trip that will remain forever in memory. The group was really great, but we were very well accompanied by You. We were very pleased when we found out that Ivo was our guide, and that will happen more often. Thank you very much and see you soon.”

Ana Cristina Pereira


“The return was great and the trip through Iceland was wonderful in every way: - A fantastic guide, who was concerned with conveying the culture of the Icelandic people and their customs, as well as lightening the daily journey, telling stories and fables - Fantastic, diverselandscapes - Good hotel stay - Good food I hope to return to Iceland one day, in another time to observe the Auroras Borealis, maybe we will meet again!"

Francisca Silva


From June 17 to June 25, Oasis Travel group