"The fish can also sing"


“Regarding the trip, it exceeded all my expectations."

Piedade Raposo


- I just saw my lexicon enlarged: I didn't know there was an equivalent to 'lahar' (a Javanese term for the movement of water/ice+volcanic material resulting from eruptions in a glacial environment) in Icelandic! Jökulhlaup, much easier to pronounce, no doubt! Living and learning; - Ólafur Arnolds: put everything in a bag and draw lots, only pearls come out! It never fails; - Laughter of the day to the sound of LjótuHalfvirtarnir. Highest density of musical instruments per monitor area and in a boat! See you again in one of these winters!

Alexandra Coelho


"With such beautiful scenery, any photographer is good, right? For me, it was a surprise and an enormous pleasure to finally go there, and to be in such good company - to access their knowledge of reality, especially with the emotion with which it was transmitted to us! These are days I will never forget - I was really looking for Beauty, Silence and Peace. The group, although large, was nice - it was very nice to share those days with everyone. But everything was favorable to us: the weather, their availability and that of the driver. The settings chosen for the accommodation. I brought today from the public library the book "Fish can also sing", by Halldór Laxness; "Independent people" was not available - next time. During the next few days I'll still be walking around Iceland a lot, because I didn't write down everything I wanted and I have to do it while the memory is fresh. Kisses."

Aurora Antunes


FromJune 8 toJune 15, grupo Pinto Lopes Viagens