Unique and unreal that only being in the place one perceives the true dimension


"Our trip was truly spectacular and it's still hard for us to choose the exact words to describe what we saw... What happened was that our expectations were largely exceeded, largely because Iceland has landscapes far superior to any photograph... it's really something unique and unreal and you only perceive its true dimension and surroundings when you're on site. We have already made some trips of this kind, but this time we were surprised with the details of the organisation, both in terms of the programme, the quality of the documentation provided and the attention/concern we felt throughout the trip. We have a web page (www.nosnaislandia.site.vu) that works as a virtual album... of our trip. Once again thank you for having contributed to making a dream trip come true with your dedication and support!"

João Pinto and Lina Macedo


Summer 2010, Trip in Self&Drive system