Remembrance of the beautiful journey we will never forget


"Thank you very much for the photographs, another memory to add to the beautiful memories of such an exceptional country like Iceland. I liked the trip very much in all aspects, of course, the unforgettable landscapes have the best role, but it was very pleasant all the way, the hotel, the friendliness of the people, the simple way of living and the distant horizon always calling for us. I personally want to thank you for your attention to me because it helped have a good time. I congratulate you on your professionalism as a guide and on your knowledge and culture so well rooted that you showed us Iceland in its various aspects".

Teresa Santos Silva


"I loved the trip and Ivo's explanations, when I talk about my trip, friends ask if it was a field trip...".

Maria de Fátima Contreiras


"Thank you very much for sending the photos, a souvenir of the beautiful trip we made to Iceland that we will never forget".

Joaquim Castilho


June 2015, Pinto Lopes Viagens Group



June 2015, OASIS Travel Group