Poetic script by Amélia Almeida


"It is difficult to surpass your efficiency, kindness and commitment. I won't forget Iceland and Ivo, who so well transmitted his magic and distinction to us. Attached is a poetic description of our journey. I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the wonders we enjoy. Until then a strong and kind hug in the good sweet way of our Portugal".

Maria Amélia Almeida



"I wanted to tell you that Ivo was one of the best guides I've found so far (about 30 years travelling around the world, most of the time in touring groups), for his human qualities, affection, sympathy, care for the other, with which he has always involved us and, for the knowledge he has transmitted to us, there and now, sending the links to further solidify our knowledge of Iceland. I want the images of strength gathered in Iceland to last for a long time in our minds. I already miss the cold in there. Today we are in Lisbon with 37ºC! Thank you very much for the photos of the group you sent us. Cheers, for making our trip to Iceland more magical! A hug of friendship".

Laurinda Silva


"For us, it was a splendid trip and we will certainly not forget it, everything went very well and we managed to get a very complete idea of this fascinating country, even though it only lasted eight days. And if that was the case, a lot is thanks to you: to the friendly and relaxed (but effective, rigorous and attentive) way in which you guided us, to the information you gave us about the various realities of Iceland, to the passion you have for the country and that you passed on to us, to your sense of humour and your intelligence. The information that our daughter gave us at the very beginning of the trip has been fully complied with: I hope Ivo is the guide, he is very good! We miss Iceland and the trip to Iceland. We felt like coming back one day. A big hug and thank you very much".

Milice and Joaquim Seabra


From 20 to 27 June 2017, Magical Iceland Group, Pinto Lopes Viagens7